Register Online

Welcome to the Registration for the 2019 Anaheim Trombone Christmas

Thank you for your participation in Trombone Christmas – Anaheim.  This on-line registration is only for the Anaheim event.

For Participants who register online the donation amount is $7.00.  The online registration will close 12:00 AM Midnight 11 Dec 2019.   Participants can still register at the event for a donation of $10.00.

There are 3 steps for online registration for Trombone Christmas.

1) After reading these instructions, use the link below to go to the information page. Complete the form and select the “submit” button.

2) By selection the submit button, you will be forwarded to the PayPal screen where you will pay your fee.
Note: use the same email on both pages

3) After paying the fee, start practicing.

All three must be finished before registration is complete.  We can tell the first 2 by the internet.  As for the third, like the song says:

We are making a list
We are checking it twice;
Trombone Christmas knows who’s naughty or nice
Practicing is easy to do.

We see you when you’re slurring
We know when you’re a flake
We know if you’re been flat or sharp
So listen for our ear’s sake!

With little lip slurs and big long tones
Play Remington on your brass trombone.
Practicing is easy to do

Click Here to start the Registration Process