Part Ranges

You can run, but you cannot hide. Trombone Christmas arrangements are written so ALL parts with play the melody at some time during the concert. So please do not worry if you choose one of the inner parts, you will get your turn to shine in the sun.

1st Trombone - Can play notes from Middle C to High C all day long.  Tenor clef is easy and Alto clef is an annoyance.
NOTE: Please only play 1st trombone if you are capable of playing in the high register continuously for hours.

2nd Trombone - Can play in the staff A to high A all day long.  Tenor Clef is an annoyance.

3rd  Trombone - Can play in the staff F to high F all day long.  What is a tenor clef?  F attachment is optional.

4th Trombone - Can play in the staff C to Middle C all day long.  There is no life without an F attachment.

1st Bass Trombone - Can play low F to in the staff F all day long.

2nd Bass Trombone - Can bring the low stuff all day long and with a tone George Roberts would love.