Create Your Own Trombone Christmas

TC-JeepTrombone Christmas is collecting information of individuals who would like to organize a Trombone Christmas in their area for 2021.

Qualifications are: 

1) Must love Christmas Music
2) Have experience in organizing music events
3) Must have higher musical standards than a tuba player

The first week of August Trombone Christmas will present a conference call complete with the same PowerPoint presentation given at the International Trombone Festival.  The call will be a 6PM PST. Fill out the form below in order to be invited to the conference call.  Indicate which the top three days of the week would be good for you.

This is an all-volunteer organization.  There are no fees. Our charter is as follows:

Trombone Christmas Concert is given to promote and encourage fellowship and musicianship of slide trombone players through the performance of Christmas music.